Through Family Resource Centers and other community service organizations, community health
workers (CHW) help families navigate systems to access the services they need most. CHW’s educate parents and families on many topics such as seat belt and car seat safety, nutrition, how to access food services and medical care. After receiving training through this pilot, CHW’s will provide oral health education with the overarching theme that dental disease is 100% preventable.

Education will include topics such as:

  • How to prevent dental disease
  • How to identify the child’s dental plan and assigned dentist
  • How food and drink choices contribute and influence oral health
  • The importance of visiting the dentist
  • Community dental resources

When families use the emergency room for dental issues, the doctor can only provide anti-biotics
and/or pain medication and recommend an appointment with a dentist. Navigators located in hospital emergency departments throughout Sacramento County are there to help these families connect with their assigned dental plan and dental provider if they have Medi-Cal and to assist those who don’t have insurance, obtain it and/or access local dental clinics to relieve their pain and discomfort.

Oral health education is offered in schools through grant funding provided by Smiles for Kids. The Puppet Art Theater Company performs interactive puppet shows to educate children preschool through third grade, on how to take care of their teeth. The presentation for 4 – 6 th graders is structured as a game show called “Tooth or Consequences” where students compete against each other by answering dental trivia questions and performing physical challenges. These interactive educational sessions promote learning in a new and fun way.

Pilot Partners:
Access Dental
Health Net
LIBERTY Dental Plan
Oral Health Solutions
Sacramento Covered
Sacramento District Dental Society
Sacramento Education and Training Agency (SETA) Head Start
The Child Abuse Prevention Center